"We’re data experts. Show us a good solution, and we'll show you the great data supporting it."

We build autonomous robot solutions. We build edge robot devices for the wind turbine  maintenance industry. We build eLearning and Business Intelligence SaaS solutions. We do all this using advanced machine learning techniques, the latest advances in computer vision as well as data and business analytics. Our clients range from Automotive, Renewable Energy, Sports & Media Entertainment and Gaming & Esports industry.

20kL aims to apply advanced technical know-how in the simplest way possible.

Our expertise helps build superiour solutions because our team is skilled, focused and leaders in our industry. Working with 20kL ensures you have access to the right people; at the right time.

We figure out the right engagement model that fits your business best, so that you can get busy with building your business and not worry about delivery.

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen

Our Culture

At 20 Thousand Leagues we foster a no bullshit culture. Be precise, be prepared and try to get an actionable outcome.


If something is unclear you escalate it and bring it up. If everyone is trying to achieve a level of absolute clarity then most issues and challenges get resolved before they creep into actual solutions for ourselves and our clients.


We don’t bloat software features and we try to keep our solutions simple. KISS is an approach and a methodology to getting things done.


We’re confidently humble! Years of being the smartest at what we do have given us plenty of options for getting a bruised ego – and we understand that to do something truly great it has to be done as part of a team effort. Yes, the individual is key to an effective and self-organized team. But without passing the ball even Diego Maradona wouldn’t have been half the player he was.


Sure, there’s a CEO. And there’s a cleaning lady. Its the same team, different responsibilities, working toward the same goal. Building and supporting the same business that we all care for. Just because somebody has a formalized role doesn’t mean that lead developers can’t teach management something new about software business. One thing is for sure: Without a flat hierarchy it’ll end up being managers up in Ivory Towers without a sense of direction.

Data should be consistent, plentiful and varied.

Data is the foundation for proper Information. Which in turn gives you Knowledge. With knowledge over time comes Wisdom. Guess where we start?!

Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch others play. Get involved and don’t take no for an answer! Don’t mope about who’s to blame, get out here!

With heart, comes Involvement. Comes caring.

We’re fierce!

Collaboration, iteration,
task breakdown
= Success

Most people are happy to lean back, sip back and repeat what they did yesterday; which was comfortable. In 20kL we collaborate, we rinse and repeat, and when it’s a big chunk… we break it into bite size digestible sizes.

Clear goals, with owners fosters an organization of empowered individuals that are willing to both take ownership and also ensure a 100% delivery. And proudly so.

- Transparency
- Responsibility
- Accountability

Leadership team

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Simon Kaastrup-Olsen

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen has extensive international experience from scaling both product and service organizations in the rapidly changing information technology industry. He is constantly curious about trends, changes and opportunities in the technology landscape that can be applied to give both 20 Thousand Leagues and its customers a competitive advantage. As Founder & CEO, Simon not only maps the course in an ever changing landscape of technology and best practices. He actively drives the company’s business development efforts and moves fluidly between product and service development, administrative processes or to customer communication.

Prior to founding 20 Thousand Leagues, Simon helped scale a department of 30 technical people to a consulting and software development services division of +220 people. He’s done turn-around of a Microsoft Navision/ Business Central technology services provider. And he has co-founded two companies, one of which built and provided a fantasy sports platform to both Unibet and OurGame(in China, catering to their 500 million registered users).

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen holds a Master of Science degree in Information Technology from Copenhagen Business School(CBS), Denmark.

Yuri has extensive experience in corporate finance working with capital markets in London, New York, Frankfurt, Moscow and Singapore for more than a decade.

As the CFO at 20 Thousand Leagues, Yuri assures that accounting, finance and funding are appropriately managed in accordance with guidelines and policies of the Company.

Yuri Ilyin holds a master’s degree in Economics from St. Petersburg State University, where he graduated Cum Laude. Yuri also hold an MBA from Stockholm University, School of Business, Sweden.

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Yuri Ilyin

Frequently Questions

A: We’re ready to commit one developer to a long-term project. Feel free to contact us.

A: Most of our specialists work from our Kyiv office. You are welcome to give us a visit and bring your team along for a workshop

A: We have engagement models for both. If your demands do not exactly fit them, contact us for a look into your situation.

A: We charge you monthly for either each full-time specialist or the work and the associated costs. Some engagement models require at least a few months’ commitment.

A: Software developers, machine learning specialists, computer vision engineers, project managers, marketing people, DevOps engineers, UX designers, and more.

A: Once the product is delivered, we update and maintain it throughout the life cycle.