*Python fullstack

Who are you & what will you do

Python fullstack

Python fullstack Cofunder
You will be part of an existing technical team responsible for research and development to build a solution that is able to learn complex dependencies/behaviour between visual objects based on the analysis of video stream or static images. Doing this you will apply modern state-of-the-art computer vision (CV), artificial intelligence (AI) methods and algorithms.


Who are you & what will you do

Marketing person

Guerilla Marketing Manager
You love playing games. You are a person who loves engaging with the gaming community and knows your digital or social media marketing tools, and who has previous experience with guerrilla marketing. You see solutions to challenges, have a positive and optimistic mindset and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. You are comfortable with independent work but also able to work well in teams in order to together achieve common goals.

As a guerilla marketing manager, you will be creating and using high quality content to promote the company’s brand and AI gaming assistant platform to the gaming community. You will be monitoring the results of the different marketing projects and work to continuously optimise the digital marketing performance.


Who are you & what will you do

Design cofounder

All-round design professional
The designer will realise the the company’s visual brand identity, artwork, icons, pixels, user interface, user experience and video content creation. You’ll be designing UI concepts, assets, mood boards, style guides, sketches, storyboards, wireframes, prototypes – every visual element in the process of the product creation. The job requires close collaboration with both software development teams as well as marketing, the latter, however, is where the focus is. There’s also an established brand identity to follow.